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Why Clinics?

Simply put, clinics are spaces for healing and development.


According to Webster's dictionary, the term "clinic" refers to:


 A group meeting devoted to the analysis and solution of concrete problems or to the acquiring of specific skills or knowledge

We operate each of our clinics with sensitivity and patience, and respectful climates are a given, 

as we have learned is most effective for actual progress over the years. 

Racial Healing Clinics

Interactive Clinic: Transformative Talks

These discussions create healing spaces where participants will share personal cultural narratives, discuss how race impacts their environments and become actively involved in the racial healing process. The end result is that individuals will be healed, the organization will be transformed, and eventually our society will be better.



Group Clinic: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings

The aim of the trainings is not to make people feel guilty or insulted, but instead inspired and encouraged to work to meet the ideals of becoming a more perfect union. These trainings are discussion based, interactive, and informative. Participants will leave our training with enhanced skills to improve communication, knowing exactly how to work to create a better space and to ensure that the organization is more equitable.


Sample trainings include:

  • The Antiracist Organization

  • Becoming an Ally

  • Healing the Racial Divide

  • Promoting Racial Equity


Executive Level Clinic: Equity Assessments and Consulting

Our job is to make sure that your organization functions at high capacity. For that to happen, the atmosphere of the organization must be inclusive and equitable. All members of the organization should experience a sense of belonging. The equity assessment is an intensive examination of the organization. Through focus groups, statement and procedure analysis, and discussions, we will assess your organization and provide an overview about the culture and the comfort of diverse members.


Book Clinic: Group Book Studies

We facilitate discussions around the leading equity books. Taking your team through the latest books can provide a deeper understanding of race in the US. These studies provide a deeper understanding of the issue of race and racism in society and solutions to address these issues. We facilitate these discussions so  individuals are able not only to understand what is going on, but also to acquire tools to successfully address race in the workplace and in life.


Macro Clinic: Keynote Addresses

Positive and powerful speeches to encourage, inspire, and foster change within the organization. As sought after speakers, Judy and Richard are well equipped with the knowledge, ability, and energy to discuss issues of race in impactful ways. 


Sample keynotes include:

  • Dealing With Racial Bias, Microaggressions, and Anxiety in the Workplace

  • How to Start the Conversation 

  • Addressing Racial Issues

  • Working Together for Change


Strategic Clinic: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Plan Development

Planning is necessary to deal with the racial atmosphere in the organization and the surrounding community. Having a plan to address the racial atmosphere in your organization and creating strategic and accessible goals is a necessity. We provide tailored and specific support and guidance on what your organization can do to reach your cultural outcomes.


Racial Healing Clinic Retreats

In these full-day or weekend-long retreats, participants step away from daily life to gain a fuller understanding of their own racial identities, deal with racial trauma and become equipped with tools to address racism. These retreats are ideal for groups or individuals who are interested in revolutionizing their understanding of race in the US, or for those who want to be able to take racial healing back to their families, communities or organizations. The emphasis is on transformation. This highly focused, immersive experience promotes and inspires a whole life change through racial healing.

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